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SmartReloader Modular Ammo Can M2A1 #50

Manufacturers: SmartReloader


The SmartReloader Modular Ammo Box #50 matches exactly the .50BMG military ammo can's sizes but it is made of heavy duty High-Density Polyethylene which is resistant to solvents and chemicals.
This sturdy box can carry over 30kg in weight, and can store and transport your ammo either packed in ammo boxes and just thrown in the can.
This Ammo can is a 100% dry box, and can be securely locked on both sides, next to each latch, in order to transport your ammo during a flight or just to keep it out of reach at home.
The boxes are designed to allow practical and secure stacking.
Available in Black only.

Features include:

  • Water tight design to keep that ammo dry
  • Sturdy, heavy duty construction, able to easily handle 30kg or more
  • Strong double latches to securely close box
  • Two eyelets for padlocks
  • Designed to be stacked
  • Steel hinge pins
  • Large contoured fold down handle
  • External dimensions measure approx.: 30L x 18W x 20H cm

Available in black.

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