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Keith ***
29 Apr 2024
This is my second brass roller(1st more expensive from other vendor), so the price is right and maybe add 5-10 more wires to the product for tighter spacing. Most trouble comes from collecting .223/5.56, rolling throws already capture cases back out through the wires. Mixed brass works well...
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Frank ***
10 Feb 2024
Great product for a 60-year-old shooter with bad back, knees, etc.! I use this in action pistol matches because I cannot bend over to pick up brass anymore. Helps me keep participating in the sport.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Juha-Matti ***
4 Oct 2023
Very useful item for a stiff-backed old shooter with arithic knees. Works very well on sand, grass or any surface that doesn't have brass size pebbels. They tend to enter the collector even more eagerly than brass.
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
brian ***
28 Jun 2023
got it out to the range today. works great, will save a lot of bending over to pick up brass. collects from 22lr on up. the brass has to be sitting on top of the ground thou, not flush with the earth. it will sometimes pick up half buried brass but you may have to work at it. I didn't figure out...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
GREG ***
26 Sep 2022
I finally pulled the trigger on this product! Works wonderful! I work the out door Glock matches and it picks up the brass as advertised! For best results put down a mesh tarp. Very pleased with the quality of this product.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Andrea ***
17 Aug 2022
Excelente! Pega todos os calibres. Muito pratico. Comprarei outros
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


The Ammo Brass Collector is simply the BEST brass-picking (collecting) device we have seen or tested to date for centerfire pistol and rifle cases. This broom styled roller device easily picks up spent brass from the range. Simply roll it over the ammo brass you want to pickup and it captures it within its wire cage. It works not only on hard surfaces, but in grass and dirt as well.

Supplied with a dumper device that can be attached onto any mid-size bucket (not included). Stick the point of the dumper into the Ammo Brass Wizard cage, twist π turn and the Ammo Brass Collector releases its contents into the bucket.

The Ammo Brass Collector will pick up handgun brass and anything with a diameter of approximately 9-15mm. Works great with handgun caliber brass including - .380, 9mm Luger, .38 Special, 38 Super, .357 Magnum, 40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP and rifle caliber brass .22-250, .223, 5.56 x 39, .243 Winchester, 7.62 x 39, 7.62 x 54, .308, .30-06 and .45-70.

Great for clubs and range facilities.

Includes brass cage, Y connector, dumper, and the new telescopic aluminum handle, extending to 120cm.

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