Product Reviews

DAA SHOTAC Shooting Vest
Friday 01 March, 2024
Outstanding quality on the vest, and about perfect for those cooler days. I would say though that I had to re-order on size. I am 44" and ordered the XL, but it was too small where the zipper was 1-2" away. The XXL was the perfect fit. The enlarged arm opening areas is great as-well, and the lower design tucks nicely behind your rig. MY ONLY "issue", for me, is that I wish it was about 1" shorter -or- if I was 1" taller. (I am 5'11"). Ironically the XL was the perfect height but too small... All in all I'd highly recommend this to anyone.
Bob Rittweger
CED Solid Brass Squib Rod
Wednesday 28 February, 2024
Quick and easily remove 9mm bullet from barrel.
Tim Morey
Chamber Flag, 2-pack with DAA keychain
Wednesday 28 February, 2024
Great fit, great function, great price. Would not hesitate to recommend.
John Bessinger
DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields
Wednesday 28 February, 2024
A quality product that works and looks very good. | I have them on my 1911's and they were easy to fit. Unfortunately a different story for my STI Edge. The Edge has a squared "plunger tube" that is part of the frame, as opposed to the rounded off plunger tube on a regular 1911. The squared edges of the plunger tube seriously get in the way of the left side safety, preventing the safety to fully disengage in the downward position. I had to take off a lot of material to make it fit. It would be great if future batches would have a little more clearance to eliminate this issue.
Jan-Wouter Thijssen
Lyman Pro Die Pack
Tuesday 27 February, 2024
Good, but not perfect. The crimp die needs to be polished. And the decapping die produced a little bottle effect. But the adjustments are accurate af ????.
Pascal Bock
DAA Click-Adjustable Powder knob V2
Tuesday 27 February, 2024
Perfect product. Little sidenote, it is not working with larger dies.
Pascal Bock