Product Reviews

DAA Max IDPA Holster
18 Jun 2024
Great holster for competition. Gun fit is excellent and has a really smooth release on the draw.
Jerry Greg
PrimeVibe Primer Tube Filler
16 Jun 2024
Really enjoying this tube filler. Stepped up from the Pro-collator. Though I could load more than 100 into tubes I made for my Primalrights CPS, I have no problem accepting the 100 primer limit (and tube length limit) given the ease of use of this filler.
Albert Kruger
4-Pack Magnetic Collars for Primer Pickup Tube
16 Jun 2024
Work like a charm on DAA primer tubes or on aluminum tube stock I cut, chamfer and crown on the lathe.
Albert Kruger
DAA Primer-Tube Cap
16 Jun 2024
Works as needed. A nice touch for those of us in dusty environments. Fill a tube, cap the top end and no worry about foreign objects. Better yet, no inadvertent loss of primers should the tube get tipped or fall
Albert Kruger
InLine Fabrication LED lighting system for Dillon 550
16 Jun 2024
Fits and works perfectly- at age76 l need plenty of light and this provides it and directed straight down to no glare problem - it wasn’t a problem for me but others may find the cord a bit short
william deily
DAA 2-in-1 Seating and Crimping Die
15 Jun 2024
I recently bought rje 223 seating and crimp die love it so far took me a little while on getting it perfect and now only ran about 200 reloads so far it hold great no issues i would recommend this item to my family and friends iv been waiting for the 9mm alpha seating and crimp die to be available so i can purchase the rest of what i need shipping was very fast so please as soon as you receive the other seating dies email me thanks god bless
Karen Deherrera