Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy

Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol

Reviews: 4.9 of 5 Stars!(Current Reviews: 4.934)

Mr. Bulletfeeder ® (Bullet Feeder) by Double-Alpha

DAA has been the proud European distributor of Mr. Bulletfeeder® since 2006, and we have never had an unhappy customer! Anyone and everyone who invested in a Bullet Feeder absolutely loves it. You wonder how you ever reloaded without one...

If you reload a lot, you quickly appreciate the efficiency and reliability of this ingenious patented system.

However, Mr. Bullet Feeder has always been a little “rough” in appearance and finish. It was made from existing materials and parts, and as such never had the sleek look and feel of a refined “production” article. Also, since the bullet feeders have always been hand made, in moderate quantities, production costs have been high, and demand always exceeded availability.

Now, all this has changed! We are proud to introduce the new Mr. Bulletfeeder® by DAA. DAA and RAK Systems have teamed up and have retooled and redesigned the Mr. Bulletfeeder®, which is now manufactured by Double-Alpha Academy. The new system, manufactured under license by RAK Systems, is lighter in weight and more compact than the previous models. It is easier to install and set up, and has a more professional “production” look and feel.

An entirely new US Paten Pending dropper system allows the new model to function better and longer than before. The new dropper design eliminates the need for any spring or small plastic parts in the dropper head, and works entirely powered by gravity and an ingenious geometric design.

And to top it all off - we can now offer the new system at a far more affordable price.
If you have never tried a bullet feeder on your progressive reloader - what are you waiting for?! It cuts the time and effort involved in reloading practically in half! A must-have item for any serious shooter.

the expanding powder funnel supplied is for the Dillon reloading machines only. Not compatible with other brands. To use with the LnL press, you will need to purchase their expanding powder funnel separately.

The new Mr.Bulletfeeder is available in 9/38, 40SW/10 mm, .45. Rifle calibers .223 and .308.

Please note: Mr.Bullet feeders and Mini Mr.BF are usually shipped with our Dillon Powder funnel. If you wish us to swap that out for a Hornady funnel when shipping – we can do so for you. request that at time of ordering. Or, separately purchase your Hornday expanding powder funnel here

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Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol
Rob A.
Date Added: Friday 31 March, 2017
I recently purchased the Mr. Bulletfeeder and now I am wondering why I did not do this YEARS ago. Hands down the best investment you can make if you are a competitive shooter....TMBF takes the chore out of a quick 200-300 round reloading session, you can be done in minutes and then off to the range. I highly recommend a TMBF. As a side note when my BF arrived the collator plate where the bullets drop into the spring tube was broken..I called Customer service snapped a picture and one was in the mail on the next business day. Buy with confidence and you will not be disappointed in the product or CED!! Keep up the great work Respectfully Rob A.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol
Antonino Montalbano
Date Added: Monday 27 March, 2017
Mr. Bulletfeeder turned out a great product. make purchases on your site is a pleasure, also shipping times are really reduced.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol
Kent Neitzke
Date Added: Monday 27 February, 2017
Very good product, I'm quite the novice took a little time to get just right. The custom powder funnel/expander wasn't marked like said in video. Will be contacting them. Very good product highly recommend.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol
Date Added: Monday 27 June, 2016
Je me suis procurer un excellent complment à ma Dillon Xl650. juste un peu de difficultés d'ajustement du panier de collection pour le nettre à 45 degré. De l'argent bien investi. Jean Pierre
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol
Martin J. Ivancsics
Date Added: Tuesday 21 June, 2016
Der beste Bulletfeeder auf dem Markt - sobald das Gerät eingestellt ist, läuft es wie am Schnürchen. Die Geschosse werden zuverlässig zugeführt, die Geschwindigkeit ist regelbar und somit auf das eigene Arbeitstempo sehr gut einstellbar. Der Kaliberwechsel geht schnell von der Hand, die Verarbeitung ist sehr solide. Sollte einmal ein Teil kaputt werden, so ist es kein Problem die Teile nachzubestellen und auszutauschen. Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, dass man im Gegensatz zu den anderen Bulletfeedern eine relativ große Menge an Geschossen einfüllen kann - ohne eine Störung hervorzurufen. Angesichts der Vorteile und der wirklich guten Verarbeitung ist auch der höhere Preis gerechtfertigt und zahlt sich allemal aus.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol

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Alpha Dynamics USA
2908 Betz Court, Orefield, PA 18069
Phone: (888) 628-3233 or (610) 366-9752
Fax: (610) 366-9680
E-mail: sales(at)

Q: Is it necessary to use the powder funnel/expander that came with the system?

We recommend installing the new powder funnel/expander (for handgun calibers) on your press. It has been machined with a modified profile that improves bullet tamping performance while requiring a minimum of case flaring. A properly tamped bullet will not fall from the case mouth when the press is indexed. As you become accustomed to reloading with the new bulletfeeder, your reloading rate...


Q: When mounting the collator, what is the best angle to use?

For the majority of bullet types, a collator plate angle of 45 degrees will provide excellent results. When the surface of the plate is set to and angle of 45 degrees from vertical, the walls of the collator plate slots will also be set to 45 degrees (in a mirror image). Most bullets will easily slide down and out of the slots at this angle. Cast lead wax-lubed bullets and very long bullets may slide out...

Rifle Caliber

Rifle 6.5x55mm video tutorials

65mm wire - click here

Nose guide - click here

.223 Dropper - click here

Colator - click here


223/5.56 Setup Information

The bullet collator should be hung from the reloading press casefeeder tub so that its baseplate sits level side to side, and raised up to a 45 degree pitch angle from back to front (Fig A). Some users have made custom mounts...


Q: I installed my Bulletfeeder 7 months ago and have been very pleased with it. The last time I used it was about three weeks ago and when I turned it on just now nothing happened. No motor noise at all. I checked all the fittings and electrical source and everything is tight. Any suggestions? Am I missing something obvious?

Sounds like an electrical issue. Watch this video:


General questions

Q: I would like to use a mr bullet feeder for 9mm and 223 on my Dillon 650. Do I need to buy two separate units (one for pistol and one for rifle) or can I use one unit and a conversion kit?

All you need is a Mr.BF for 9mm and add a .223 conversion kit.

Q: Does the Mr.Bulletfeeder work with cast and lubed bullets?

Yes it does.

Q: Could I use the Mr.Bulletfeeder on a Dillon 550?

No, it cannot be...