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DOUG ***
8 Feb 2024
Combo :Mini Mr Bullet Feeder pistol and 2-in1 seating and crimping die

I bought this after hesitating to do so for some time, not being certain that I really needed it. After much more fumbling when trying to pick up short and slippery 9mm round nose bullets, to place on the flared casing in the...
Rating: (2 of 5 Stars!)
Brad ***
21 Mar 2023
I bought this to load 44-40. Tried to use my regular 44 cal powder funnel in a Dillon 550B with case feeder. No joy. .427" bullet RNFP powder coated. Internal balls in die kept catching lube groove. Solution was to sacrifice an extra Dillon 45 cal powder funnel to the lathe and duplicate the...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Neil ***
14 Mar 2023
Great! Had one minor failure to drop in 500 rounds with 124gr lead bullets. It took less than 5 minutes to get the right adjustment set. Compare that with my hornady bullet feeder which would experience a problem every 10 or 20 rounds. The DAA is a no-brainer, wish I had not wasted $$ on the...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Michael ***
31 Dec 2022
I purchased this along with the DA Dillon Extra-Short powder bar to load 9mm on my Dillon 750XL. Together they are worth every penny and I'm kicking myself for not buying them sooner! The products are well designed and the setup was a breeze. Once I started loading I was shocked at how well the...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Pete ***
2 Apr 2022
Over all this works very well and has increased the speed that I can reload dramatically. The only complaint is that occasionally the alignment is not perfect when I rotate the tube to the next column of bullets. I'll rotate, they drop but after a few bullet drops, they are hung up in the tube...
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
John ***
5 Feb 2022
Got the Mini Mr Bullet Feeder for pistols a few weeks ago and it’s been the best addition to my Hornady LnL setup ever! Initially I had problems loading the smaller 100gr bullets (double drops), but Customer Support suggested moving the ball bearings and clip to the bottom setting and everything...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


Please be aware of the following:

The Dillon XL750 Powder Measure is angled such that the powder bar must extend directly over station #4 in the toolhead, and it cannot be repositioned. This Is not an issue if you have a short die in that station. However, if you wish to run a powder check in station #3, and a bullet dropper in station #4, as many do, this creates a serious problem.

As a solution to this  issue we are pleased to offer our Extra-Short Dillon Powder Bar.

The Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder by DAA uses a 6-tube magazine system which holds roughly 100 bullets. It feeds into the same brilliantly reliable dropper die assembly as used on the Mr.Bulletfeeder.

Using a Mr.Bulletfeeder while reloading is a real pleasure. It makes the reloading process faster and much easier. If you have never used one, you are missing out on one of the greatest reloading assists out there! A Bulletfeeder also improves safety, by preventing the need to insert your fingers under the tool head to place your bullets on the brass. Everyone should use one!

The problem of course, is cost. Shooting is expensive, and reloading ammo, while usually cheaper than shooting factory, is not as cheap as it once was…
You need to buy a press, other reloading accessories, not to mention ammo components. For many, by the time all that is purchased, they have stretched their budget about as far as it will go. And the Bulletfeeder gets passed on, for lack of funds.

This was our motivation when setting out to develop a less expensive version of the Mr.Bulletfeeder, and it lead to the new Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder.

Each magazine of bullet tubes needs to be filled by hand before reloading, much in the same way you would fill your primer tubes before starting your reloading session. With a little practice, it will take you about 2 minutes to fill the tube assembly. And this can be done in advance while watching TV in the comfort of your living room. Additional tube assemblies can be purchases separately (or as a bundle), thus allowing you to pre-load 300, 400 or more bullets before starting your reloading session.

While reloading, you will see the bullets drop down in the transparent tube, as they feed into the dropper-die assembly. Once a tube is empty, you simply rotate and click the next tube into place and keep reloading. Transition to the next tube takes just a second or two. Once the entire 6-tube magazine is empty, either reload it by hand, or drop your 2nd assembly into place to continue without delay.

The Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder can be used on any progressive reloading machine which uses the same size dies as Dillon, however please note that the powder funnel we supply with the unit is designed to be used only in the Dillon powder drop! If you wish to use the Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder with another press, you may need to get another powder funnel to expand the brass.
Be aware that the bullet feeder does require a station in your tool head, directly after the powder dropper.

We have found it is difficult to use the Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder on a 1050 when a powder check is being used in the following station. This has to do with the angle in which the powder dropper sits, forcing the bullet dropper to rotate further away, over the next station. This is an issue only on a 1050.

Your Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder by DAA includes:
1 x 6-Tube Bullet Magazine Assembly
1 x Dropper Die Assembly
1 x Expanding powder funnel (Dillon compatible)
3 x Spare Steel Ball-Bearings for Dropper
1 x User Instruction Sheet

Please note: Mr.Bullet feeders and Mini Mr.BF are usually shipped with our Dillon Powder funnel. If you wish us to swap that out for a Hornady funnel when shipping – we can do so for you. request that at time of ordering. Or, separately purchase your Hornday expanding powder funnel here

Click here for user instructions for this and other products.

General questions

Q: Will the mini Mr. Bullet Feeder work with lead cast, polymer coated bullets? Specifically .40 cal. (.401 diameter)?

Yes, as long as they are not full wadcutters.

Q: I would like to know if your mini...

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