General questions

Q: Will the mini Mr. Bullet Feeder work with lead cast, polymer coated bullets? Specifically .40 cal. (.401 diameter)?

Yes, as long as they are not full wadcutters.

Q: I would like to know if your mini feeder will work in a Hornady LNL press using SNS coated bullets?  I have tried using the Hornady bullet feeder die for coated bullets and it will not work consistenly at all, only with jacketed.  Only saw use of the Dillon press on your website.

Yes, our Mini Mr BF works fine with coated bullets. Note that our units ship with Dillon powder funnels as standard, and you would the Hornday funnel instead. We do have those as well.

If you order directly from us - add a comment to your order's comment box, requesting that we swap out the Dillon funnel for a Hornady one, and we can do that for you, as you will not need the Dillon funnel.