CED waterproof PCC / Rifle Case with wheels

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Robert ***
Monday 04 September, 2023
Excellent quality, excellent latching system. Couldn't be happier with the purchase, great price.
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CED’s waterproof pcc/rifle cases are durable and strong and can withstand the most extreme conditions. They are essential for keeping equipment secure and are ideal for transporting or freighting delicate air cargo and protecting valuable guns in transit. Each case is packed with multi-layers of eggshell and cubed foam to provide the best of both options. For quick use, simply place your rifle in the case and the eggshell foam compresses it in place. For longer journeys where protection is vital for delicate scopes, camera equipment or other valuables, simply reverse the bottom foam layers to place the cubed layers on top. Then pluck out the cubes as needed to the shape of the stored item.

These excellent rifle cases offer the following features:

  • Four 2-piece clasps for easy opening and closing
  • 2 steel reinforced locking tabs for pad locks
  • Heavy duty rubber roller bearing wheels, with steel axils
  • Large robust handle with steel pin retention
  • Waterproof seals
  • Manual adjustable pressure valve
  • Block foam and eggshell foam included

45 Inch model Specs
Inside Dimensions: 108cm L x 37.4cm W x 13.7cm D
Outside Dimensions: 116.3cm L x 42.6cm W x 15.7 D
Lid / Base Split: 5cm Lid / 10.7cm Base
Weight:  8.8kg

39 Inch Model Specs 
Inside Dimensions: 91.5cm L x 35.5cm W x 14cm D
Outside Dimensions: 99cm L x 40.6cm W x 15.2cm D
Lid / Base Split: 5cm Lid / 10.2cm Base
Weight: 8.3kg

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