Support system

General questions

Q. Will the Glock insert fit all Glock models?
Yes and no. Not trying to be evasive, but here’s the deal: The RM holster requires a very precise fit to the trigger guard of the gun. We have found that amongst the various Glock models, and sometimes even in the same model, with various generations of molds, there are slight variations in the trigger guard dimensions. Our only option was to keep the dimensions tight, to fit the smallest Glock trigger guard we could find. So if you find that your Glock does not slide smoothly into the holster, most likely you need to slightly adjust the Slide Lock of the holster to your Glock’s trigger guard. You can read up on how to do this in the Support sections – check out the video tutorials.

Q. Can I use the RM holster for both my Limited and Open STI Guns?
Yes. The RM holster grips the gun securely around the trigger guard, and no muzzle support is needed. So the length of the gun, whether it has a comp or not plays no part, and you can use this holster with your Limited and Open guns without adjustment or modification.

Q. I have two SV guns – one with a plastic frame, the other Steel. Can I use the same RM holster for both?
The problem here is that that Steel and Aluminum SV guns are machined with a slightly narrower trigger guard than the plastic frame, which is the same as the STI plastic. That is why we must offer a special insert for the SV Steel/Aluminum.
However, a smart solution is to slightly modify the trigger guard on your plastic SV, to make it a little narrower in the front, so that its dimensions then match that of the steel frame – and then you can use the very same holster for both guns.

Q. Will the CZ SP01 holster fit the CZ Tactical Sport?
Not out of the box, but it can be modified in seconds to fit perfectly. The TS trigger guard follows the same contour as that of the SP01, but is just a hair wider. Using a Dremel tool you can modify your SP01 Slide Lock to fit the Tactical Sport easily. Follow the Adjustment tutorial video clip, under the support section of this site. Note that once you make this modification, the holster will no longer fit the SP01 very well, and an SP01 gun will be a little loose.

We now offer CZ insert blocks for Shadow1/SP01, Shadow 2, Tactical Sport Orange and Tactical Sport Czechmate.

Q. Does the RM holster work equally well with all gun types offered?
Almost. Most guns are held absolutely solid and cannot move at all in the holster, other than draw upwards of course. The exceptions are the rounded trigger guards, as in the 1911 steel frame, Para Ordanace and the BUL M-5. In these inserts, even though the Slide Lock tooth precisely fits the trigger guard, the gun can rotate a few degrees forward and backwards in the holster. This is because of the inner and outer radios of the trigger guard are the same, and we cannot prevent the gun slightly rotating.
It is still held considerably more motionless than other holsters, but just not as still as most gun types we have inserts for.

Q. Will the 1911 insert fit any 1911 gun? What about Para Ord?
We have tried it on several 1911 guns, including a Para, Colt and Springfield. The one we found it did not fit well was a Llama. For the rest, these trigger guard follow the same profile and should work well. But bear in mind that there are dozens of models and manufacturers of 1911 guns, so we cannot be totally sure.

Q. Will the Sig X5 model work for my 226 or 228 Sigs?
No. The X5 has a wider and thicker trigger guard and we have machined the insert to fit this, as it is the more commonly used model in IPSC and USPSA. It will not fit the 226 or 228.