Guarantee / Warranty / Returns

Products purchased directly from Double-Alpha Academy (Netherlands) and which are still under warranty may be returned for replacement or refund when the following conditions are met:

  1. The product is completely new and in unused condition. Or,
  2. The product is defective or dysfunctional, and the damage is covered by our warranty.
  3. Contact DAA by email at: [email protected]
  4. Do not send anything back until you allow Double-Alpha to respond, and confirm your request for returning the item!
  5. You will receive an RMA form. Fill it out, print it, and include it with the item(s) sent back.
  6. Return the authorized item(s) as per shipping instructions detailed below.


Shipping instructions

  • Ship to the address shown below.
  • If returned from outside of the European Union, value the parcel at 20EUR/USD.
  • Clearly mark the parcel as “Warranty Return”
  • Ship only the items that have been authorized to be returned.


Ship to:

Double-Alpha Academy

Elzenweg 33b

Waalwijk, 5144MB


Tel: +31 416 660464

Email: [email protected]