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Dirk ***
21 Dec 2020
Zeer complete set, voor de meest courante kalibers. Zeer snel geleverd.
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The Lyman Shellholder set fits more than 75 different calibers!

Includes 12 of the most used shellholders which fit the most popular pistol and rifle calibers. Comes in a handy compartmented storage box. Includes shellholders #1,2,6,7,11,12,13,14B,15,17,22 & 26. Save 60% over buying individually.

Shellholder number Pistol Caliber Rifle Caliber
1 .38/.357Mag, .357 Remington Maximum 5.6x50R Mag
2 .45 ACP/.45 Win Mag 22/250,.308 Winchester,.30-06,.243 Winchester,244, 6mm Remington,.25-06 Remington,.250-3000 Savage,6.5 Creedmoor,.260 Remington,6.5x57 Mauser,.270 Winchester,7mm/08 Remington,7x57 Mauser,7x64 Brenneke,.280 Rem (7mm Express),.300 Savage,7.65 Argentine Mauser,8x57 Mauser,8x57 JS,7.9x57,.35 Remington,.358 Winchester,.35 Whelen,9.3mm x 62
6   7-30 Waters,.30-30,.307 Winchester,.32 Winchester Special,.356 Winchester,.375 Winchester,.38-55
7 .44 Mag/Spl/.44 Russian,.460 S&W, .50 Action Express .303 British
11 .45 Colt,.454 Casull  
12 9mm Luger, 9 x 23mm, .30 Luger,.30 Mauser,.38 Super Auto, 41 Action Express  
13   7mm Remington Mag,7mm Weatherby Mag,7mm STW,7mm Rem. Ultra Mag,.300 Winchester Mag,.300 Remington Ultra Mag,.300 Remington Ultra Mag SA,.300 Weatherby Mag,8mm Remington Mag,.375 Ruger,.375 H&H Magnum,.375 Rem. Ultra Mag,.450 Marlin
14B .44-40 Winchester,.45 Schofield 6.5x57R Mauser,7x65R Brenneke,8x57 JRS,.44-40 Winchester,.444 Marlin
15 .40 S&W & 10mm  
17 .480 Ruger,.500 S & W 7.62x54 Russian,.40-60 Win,.40-65,.416 Rigby,.45-60, .45-70 & 45-90,.45-100,.45-110,45-120
22   .50-70 Government,.50-90,56-50 Spencer
26 7mm TCU,.380 Auto .17 Remington,.204 RuA5:C13ger,.221 Fireball,.222 Remington,.222 Remington Mag,.223 Remington,.300 AAC


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