Lyman Premium Carbide 4-Pcs Die Set


Key features

Sizing and decapping die

Neck expanding die

Seating die (with possible Roll crimping option)

Taper Crimp die

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Eliminate Lube With Lyman Premium Carbide 4 Die Sets

Lyman was the originator of the Tungsten Carbide (T-C) sizing die and "Multi" concept with the addition of extra seating screws for pistol die sets. Combined with another Lyman original - the two step neck expanding die, our Multi Deluxe Die Sets offer these features: a one piece hardened steel decapping rod and extra seating screws for all popular bullet nose shapes, and all steel construction. 

This 4 piece dies sets includes the following dies:

  1. Sizing and decapping die
  2. Neck expanding die
  3. Seating die (with possible Roll crimping option)
  4. Taper Crimp die
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