Combo: SIG Romeo 3 Max and DAA Scope Mount

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SIG Romeo 3 Max Red Dot Sight
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DAA C-More RTS2/SIG Romeo 3MAX Scope Mount
1 x DAA C-More RTS2/SIG Romeo 3MAX Scope Mount
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Save 5% on this bundle:

  • 1x SIG Romeo 3 Max
  • 1x DAA Scope mount


DAA Scope Mount

The DAA RTS2 / SIG Romeo 3 mount is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum to ensure long lasting durability and precision.

The mount is designed to allow just 2mm of clearance above the top of a flattened 2011 slide or a Tandoglio race gun.

The scope mounting surface includes locating pins which have been machined directly from the solid mount material to ensure precision and a perfect fit to your C-More RTS2/SIG Romeo 3 scope.

A compact yet functional blast shield is incorporated in the mount, to help deflect muzzle blast way from the lens of your sight.

A serrated, wide thumb paddle is included, and several mounting holes are available to allow you to position the thumb rest to best suite your preference. More than 20 height and angle combinations are possible. The thumb rest is attached using a steel pin and an M3 socket screw (included).

Or, should you not with to use a thumb rest you can certainly leave it off the mount.

The mount is designed so the scope is aligned with the center of your slide and as low down to the slide as possible. It is designed to allow a forward-positioned Slide-Racker (as supplied with the STI DVC Open guns) to fit with the mount in place, allowing the Racker to be used on the left side of the gun too, as most right-handed shooters prefer.

The mounting hole pattern is the Standard C-More pattern, with a 4th hole added between the forward and middle holes.

Due to the wide variety of mounting screws and threads in use – mounting screws are not included with this mount. Use screws that fit the threads your frame already has, or as recommended by your Gunsmith when drilling and tapping your frame. We recommend the use of M4 Torx screws.

The height of the mount, from the center of the mounting holes to the underside of the scope platform is 29.8mm.

SIG Romeo 3 Max Red Dot Sight

Developed in collaboration with Team SIG Captain, Max Michel, and already established as an advantage in the 2019 competitive season. The ROMEO3MAX is a compact, open reflex sight featuring a 30mm wide, round lens design for superior field-of-view, a special red-notch filter for vivid red dot and unrivaled optical clarity, 6 MOA dot size for rapid target engagement, twelve illumination intensity levels, MOTAC activation, and up to 20,000 hours of runtime.

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