Support system


Q. What kind of screws is used on the holster, and where can I get spares?
The screws used on the holster are all Metric, M3, M4, M5 and M6 stainless steel screws. All screws can be tightened using 3 hex keys, sizes 2.5, 3 and 4mm.
We will Shorty be offering a set of replacement screws as an accessory item, as well as hex key sets, as supplied with the holster.

Q. Is it possible to get custom logos or a name engraved on the holster body?
We have done a few custom logos already, including that of the STI Euro team, who all use this new holster. We do have in stock red and black holsters without the RM logo, so a custom logo can be done, at extra charge.

Q. What about left hand shooters? Do you offer a LH Race Master, and for which gun types?
Yes, we do offer a left hand version. The left hand version does in fact use the same insert blocks, so ALL gun types offered for RH will be available for LH. Due to the small quantities we offer the LH Race Master in black only