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Gun specific questions

Q: I have a Sig Sauer x-six ppc with 9 mm and with a .22 barrel, as well I have a doctor mounted on the xmount, does the holster fit?

Yes to all fits, EXCEPT the X-mount insert will only be suitable for the X-Six with the X-mount installed. If you are to shoot this gun without the mount, please select an additional X5 insert.

Q: Would the Race Master fit the Tokyo Marui Hi-capa Airsoft pistol?

We do not have any insert that will fit this frame as is. The trigger guard shape is like that of a 1911, but it is much wider.

I presume the best starting point would be a 1911 insert, but a lot of fitting is surely required before the holster block will work with this fame.

Q: Would the Race Master fit the Beretta 92 steel?

No sorry, this will not fit.

Q: Would the Race Master work with a S&W M10?

Yes, it will work with the K/L-Frame insert.

Q: Does the Race Master Holster marked with Sig P210 fit the Sig Sauer P210 SuperTarget (6 inch barrel)?

The length of the barrel is no issue, as the RM holster holds only on the trigger guard.

BUT – we have found there are several models/generations of P210, and our insert does not fit them all. I would suggest you mail us a picture showing the trigger guard area of your gun, and we will be able to advise you further.

Q: Would the Race Master work with a Grand Power K22 pistol?

The mark12 insert it will be a very close fit. Some light fitting may be required to the insert block, but not much.

Q: I am interested in the Racer holster for my S&W M&P R8 N frame revolver. I believe I would like to have the muzzle support - what parts do I need, and will I have to get a hole drilled and tapped?

Yes, a muzzle support is advisable for all round trigger guard long barreled guns. For the R8, you would need to get a hole drilled, but we can do that for you. Just mention it in the comment box when checking out. Please take a look at the following bundle:

Q: Does the Race Master Holster fir the M59?

Sorry, no.

Q: I use a 1st gen race master holster I bought for my glocks way back and last year bought a sti magnetic insert. Just bought a Rock Island Armory, 40. pro match ultra hc. And want to get a magnetic insert for it but don’t know which one?

The insert to order would be the 1911. However, I cannot be sure how tight the fit will be. not all 1911’s are the same in their trigger guard area.

Also , even with a perfect fit it is difficult to hold the gun completely static on its round trigger guard, as it tends to rotate around the trigger guards radius…

For this reason we always recommend the use of the optional muzzle support for 1911’s. this eliminates that problem. If you are not concerned about a little movement of the gun in the holster, you may be satisfied without the muzzle support, but if you want the gun held as firmly as the 2011 is, you will need it.

Q: I have a question regarding my racemaster. At times it seems to not release smoothly when I draw. I have the trinity block with a trinity stainless grip. Is there anything I should do to try and adjust anything to help free it up? It seems to happen more often when there's movement laterally while drawing, i.e. facing up range and turning, running to a different shooting position after the buzzer just to name a couple examples. I didn't run into this while using my racer holster with the polymer grip. Any insight and suggestions is greatly appreciated.

The binding you experience is due to not drawing the gun directly upright during the draw, and as you pointed it, this is more likely during movement on the draw.

This can be improved by:

1. practice, getting used to the holster and how it releases the gun

2. correct adjustment to the holster position, so that it is more likely that you draw the gun naturally in the correct direction.

3. in some cases this can also be improved on by loosening up the fit the holster has to the gun - allowing a little play between them. This should be done carefully, as if you remove too much material from the holsters slide lock or tooth, the fit will quickly become sloppy. Is the gun coming out smoothly and loosely when pulled in the right direction?

Note that this will tend to happen more with guns which have steel trigger guards and short corners, as those corners bite into and bind with the holster plastic easier. Often sounding off corners in the guns trigger guard area helps a lot.