General questions

Q: I would like to use a mr bullet feeder for 9mm and 223 on my Dillon 650. Do I need to buy two separate units (one for pistol and one for rifle) or can I use one unit and a conversion kit?

All you need is a Mr.BF for 9mm and add a .223 conversion kit.

Q: Does the Mr.Bulletfeeder work with cast and lubed bullets?

Yes it does.

Q: Could I use the Mr.Bulletfeeder on a Dillon 550?

No, it cannot be used on a 550, as the 550 does not have a feeding system in it for brass.

Q: Will the .45 Mr.Bulletfeeder work with .44 as well?

Yes it will. 

Q: I already have a fully functional tool head on my 650 for 9mm. I want to be able to use my existing bullet feeder on my 38 super tool head (already has dies, powder drop / funnel, etc.). Your description indicates that in most cases I will need to purchase another powder funnel. Is this funnel used in the bullet dropper assembly?

The powder funnel is used in the powder drop station. It is used to flair the brass open so that the bullet will sit and not tip over when you index. To set up a 2nd tool head (when going from 9 to 38) all you really need is an additional powder funnel and a bullet dropper die section. Then, you can move the top section of the dropper (from the brass section and up) from one tool head to the next.

Q: Do you know if i can modify your bulletfeeder to have "nose down" solution?

Sorry, no. at this time we do not have a solution for this option.

Q: could you tell me what I would need for the following.  I am currently loading .30 Carbine 110gr FMJ + .38cal 158gr Plated & Cast & 5.56 55gr FMJ + 5.56 68gr BTHP. also 147gr FMJ .308

Your preferred setup requires the following:

9/38 caliber Mr. Bulletfeeder (for .38).

For the 5.56/.223 you would need a conversion kit .223.

For .308 you would need a .308 conversion kit.

Unfortunately it is not possible to load .30Carbine on a Mr. Bulletfeeder right now. The bullets are .30 caliber like the .308, but they are too short to effectively feed from the dropper.

Q: I have a Dillon RL550-B progressive press.  Will Mr. Bulletfeeder work on it?

Yes you can use a Mr.BF on a 550. But bear in mind that the bullet dropper will use a station in your tool head, and that will leave you just one station to seat and crimp. You can use a two in one seat and crimp die for that.