Q: Is it necessary to use the powder funnel/expander that came with the system?

We recommend installing the new powder funnel/expander (for handgun calibers) on your press. It has been machined with a modified profile that improves bullet tamping performance while requiring a minimum of case flaring. A properly tamped bullet will not fall from the case mouth when the press is indexed. As you become accustomed to reloading with the new bulletfeeder, your reloading rate will naturally increase. The higher reloading rate will cause poorly tamped bullets to fall off of the cases during indexing. That being said, if your existing press setup prepares the cases well enough to hold the bullets in place while indexing, use of the new style funnel/expander is optional. If your system is set up for rifle caliber reloading, we suggest that you also consider using some type of case mouth expander when preparing your cases. Boat tail bullets will tamp more easily than flat base bullets, but both types will tamp into place much better by using a small amount of case mouth expansion. Expanders are available from many reloading manufacturers (example: Lyman M-Die).


Q: Is there anything special I should pay attention too while unpacking?

A: Yes. While unpacking the collator, when you remove the shipping tape from the nose guide and collator plate, you may find some tape adhesive residue adhering to those parts. Remove any residue you find… especially on the ledge area of the nose guide.


Q: Which holes should I use on the Dropper, Lower or Upper?

Q: Do you experience Double-Feeds?

A: When adjusting the dropper for a particular case height, screw the dropper down (slowly) to find the point when the bullet column drops and then add perhaps only 1/8 of a turn more for a tiny bit of overtravel. Just snug the locknut… don’t wrench it down really hard, since the die is aluminum. If you like, a drop of low to medium locktite can be applied, but since there is very little force on the die, you probably won’t need any. Your choice.