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SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid 4 oz Bottle
product not available in north america
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SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid 4 oz Bottle


This product is not currently available from our North American Warehouse.

SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS® is a non-toxic bio-based cleaner, lubricant, protectant. SEAL 1™ CLP Plus® Paste/Liquid dissolves carbon on contact and creates a barrier that resists copper, lead, and carbon build up.

- Dissolves carbon on contact
- Fouling residues
- wipes clean after two
- three applications / seasonings
- Subsequent cleaning times are greatly reduced
- Micro protective barrier inhibits residue buildup such as copper, lead, sand, dust and dirt

SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid 4 oz Bottle

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