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PROLIX Total Gun-Care Solvent 16oz
1 x PROLIX Total Gun-Care Solvent 16oz
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PROLIX Xtra-T Lube, 1.25oz
1 x PROLIX Xtra-T Lube, 1.25oz
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Sfulcini ***
23 Apr 2023
The best product I've tried to date for cleaning and lubricating my guns, I'm sure I'll use it for a long time. Thanks Franco
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Ad ***
31 Jul 2021
Great stuf for cleaning your equipment. Worked at the manufacturier showed on his website and on YouTube. I'm now looking for a larger can to use it in the ultrasone cleaner.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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PROLIX is an amazing TGC (Total Gun Care) solution, produced in the USA, which has been on the market for over 30 years. However, just recently did we at DAA, have the pleasure to try it out, and we are so impressed with it that decided it’s a product we must carry!
No matter what gun-care product you are currently using – give PROLIX a try and we feel sure you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Perfect for your firearms, your reloading press, and so much more.

PrOlix is a penetrating solvent, developed over many years, used in industry, and rated the safest, most effective agent. Based on citrus technology (it has a pleasant, mild smell in contrast to petroleum based solvents), it is biodegradable and ozone-safe. 
We took the results of field testing and modified the solvent for firearm usage. The end result was improved effectiveness, while remaining non-abrasive and non-acidic. In short, it won't remove or harm your metal or wood finishes. The solvent seeks out dirt, oils, grime, etc. (even in small and impossible areas) and floats it away. The chemical action during cleaning develops the DRY lubricant and it is drawn into the pores of the material, creating a skin of protection.

PrOlix has been proven to work in the freezing conditions of Alaska as well as the dusty wet Texas flat lands and the damp humid jungles of South America. PrOlix preserves and protects due to its thorough cleaning and complete surface coverage. PrOlix is a must for all blued, nickel, and stainless steel finishes. PrOlix is armor-tough yet works equally well on precision guns, air guns or the sophisticated law enforcement and military arms.

PrOlix is a unique lubricant and the result of modern technology. It is not affected by adverse conditions of extreme hot and cold (-80°F to over 460°F). It remains dry to the touch. PrOlix appears thin, but testing has proven that the retained optimum amount of necessary lubricant is provided. It will not wipe off during firing or flash burn. It will not build up, become gummy or discolor (competing petroleum products turn yellow or brown).PrOlix will enhance and protect any metal or finish it is applied to. The solvent is blue in color but comes out clear on a patch.

The PrOlix protective skin (film) renews itself each time it is used, and prevents contaminates from adhering or attaching, making follow-up cleaning easier. Penetration is made possible by its thin formulation (8.2 cps). Then by the chemical action, it turns into a heavier (68cST 40°C) DRY, enduring and long lasting protective coating.

PrOlix could not be easier to use, and is offered here in a handy 16 oz (473ml) pump-spray dispenser.
Simply pray directly onto the firearm components or use a brush or cloth to transfer.
allow a few minutes for the cleaner to penetrate and then use a patch, brush or cloth to wipe off and clean.
Repeat if necessary when heavy cleaning is required. PrOlix leaves a protective film on the steel, which will make it easier to clean with repeat use.

PROLIX products are Bio-Degradable and Ozone Safe. They contain no grease oils or silicones, or any graphite, which can build up in your firearms or reloading press to gum things up. 
Try PROLIX today  - we feel sure you will like it as much as we do!





PROLIX developed Xtra-T Lube to take the place of Grease while providing a DRY hi-tech compatible addition to the Total-Gun-Care Product.

Xtra-T™ is made from highly refined bases that have been carefully selected to provide superior viscosity/temperature characteristics, low foaming tendencies and good water separation properties. In addition, they contain proven additives to protect equipment against rusting and to resist oxidation for long service life. At the same time, it is safe enough to be used in the medical and dental fields. 
Xtra-T™ was tested and far exceeded the Standards for machine tool lubrication established by the American Society of Lubrication Engineers (ASLE), and the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), including a special classification for rust and oxidation inhibited lubricants for applications as non-E.P. gear lubrication requirements.

Xtra-T can be precisely applied using its pinpoint tip or cut to achieve a larger dispenser end. Combined with the PROLIX Total-Gun-Care cleaner, this offers you the complete package for top quality long lasting maintenance of your firearms.

PROLIX products are Bio-Degradable and Ozone Safe. They contain no grease oils or silicones, or any graphite, which can build up in your firearms or reloading press to gum things up. 
Try PROLIX today  - we feel sure you will like it as much as we do!

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