Range Officer Assist Kit

Double-Alpha Academy

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15 Jan 2021
i like it very much. Easy to slip in my pocket. very useful in ROing a match
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Jens ***
19 Dec 2020
It would be better to make the box and cards out of plastic. Useful accessories for the range
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
Gérard ***
25 Jun 2020
Great product, NROI Belgium made it a part of their official NROI Kit. Engraving option is much appreciated.
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Lior ***
4 Jan 2018
Very useful product. When range officers are busy and don't wish to delay the shooting, the contents of this kit are useful for magnifying targets, measuring equipment distance from shooter torsos, and using the right rule to call out infractions. Strongly recommended.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Gale ***
12 Apr 2017
Item exactly as described,well made and useful. Get some strange looks when I pull it out. The look is "What is that?" IMO that alone is worth the cost.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Peter ***
9 Jul 2015
This is a handy kit to carry around when working as RO! - The rule-cards are good to have for easy access.
It is very handy and most of the used rules are there
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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The DAA Range Officer Assist Kit is a must have item for anyone planning to score targets out on the range.

The kit includes:
· A smart looking Aluminum black anodized card holder case (which has extra room for business cards)
· Two DAA IPSC Scoring Overlay gauge, allowing you to use one as a line marker
· A 3X power magnifying card
· 4 double sided printed cards with many of the most useful rules, critical to remember, such as DQ regulations, equipment pointers and more.

Match Organizers: if you would like to offer this kit to your match RO’s and officials, we can custom engrave your logo on the cases. Contact us for details.

Club managers: order 20 pcs or more – and get a free logo engraved on your case.

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