Combo: DAA Patch Dispenser and 5 rolls of Patches

Double-Alpha Academy

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DAA 22x22mm Target Patches
5 x DAA 22x22mm Target Patches
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DAA Patch Dispenser
1 x DAA Patch Dispenser
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Latest reviews

Edgar ***
Friday 24 March, 2023
Bought 3 dispensers with corresponding patches. The patches get stuck in the transit in every dispenser very quickly and then clog the exit. Difficult to remove the patches and clean the transit from residual glue (which causes new clogs). Patches directly from the roll turns out to be a lot...
Rating: (1 of 5 Stars!)
Bernhard ***
Sunday 18 October, 2020
Got it as second patcher for no-shoot-targets (white) and it works really good! It’s much cheaper than the speed-patcher and is a great alternative
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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This is a bundle for one DAA Patch Dispenser and 5 Rolls of Patches. 

Patch Dispenser

The DAA Patch Dispenser is a compact, handy and practical way to store and dispense your target patches/pasters. Its Snap-On cover makes reloading a new roll quick and easy, and the pocket-clip is the perfect way to carry the Dispenser as you train, compete or run the Timer. A window slot in the cover allows you to quickly see how much of your roll is left.

The round shape of the Dispenser makes it particularly comfortable to hold in the support hand, using the thumb to slide the tail of the roll forward, while plucking the separated patches off with one’s strong hand. You won’t find an easier or faster way of using your rolls of patchers!

After range-time is over, toss the DAA Dispenser into your range bag, and you won’t have to worry about that roll of tape coming unwound or damaged.

Available in all Black, Black/Blue or Black/Red color combination.

Compatible Roll Sizes:

  • Max outer roll diameter: 78mm/3.0 Inch *
  • Min Core (center-hole) size: 25mm/1.0 Inch
  • Max width of roll: 28mm/1.1 Inch
  • Rolls must have the patches on the Outside of the tape, not on the inside! The Speed-Patcher Tape, is NOT compatible for this reason!

*Some brands of Patcher Rolls are larger than 3.0” when new. You can still use them, if you first remove some of the Patchers to reduce the roll size.



The DAA TAN Target Patches are custom made to perfectly color-match the most commonly used cardboard targets, making the patches practically invisible on the cardboard background. This quality patch material is humidity and frost resistant, allowing these patches to be applied in almost any weather conditions.

Our patches are not the standard 20mm-round that so many others offer! We custom made our patches to be 22.x22mm square, which allows them to cover a much larger area. You will find the DAA patches easier and faster to apply to cover up holes without having to make such an effort to “aim” your patches as you apply them.

1,000 patches per rolls, and 10 rolls pack in a sleeve.

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