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Thursday 01 September, 2022
Works as advertised and is a nice piece of equipment!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)

Mark 7 Power Trim Xpress

Manufacturers: Mark 7


Trim Cases with Lightning Speed!

Works on most Progressive, Automated, Turret or Single Station Presses

The Mark 7 Power Trim Xpress case trimmer will tackle the toughest commercial trimming jobs yet is priced to fit any reloaders budget. The trimmer features a powerful variable speed DC motor. The motor is often found on industrial CNC equipment, so you know that it is a tough work horse, yet it is also a slim design that takes up minimal room.
The trimmer will speed through standard trim jobs as well as easily handle cartridge conversions such as 223 to 300 Blackout.
The trimmer will accept standard trim dies and is equipped with a vacuum manifold to cleanly evacuate chips. In addition, the trimmer comes with a long-lasting carbide cutter. (Note: some photos show additional items not included with product. Product includes: Trimmer, vacuum manifold, motor, power cord and mounting hardware.)

Requires appropriate Trim Die for use.

• Electric Press Mounted Case Trimmer
• Slim motor design takes up minimal room
• 1-1/2” vacuum manifold to evacuate chips
• Powerful industrial grade variable speed DC motor
• Replaceable carbide cutter
• Uses standard Trim-Dies
• Trims and case forms 300 Blackout from .223 brass with one stroke!

NOTE: Does not include the table mount, single stage press and vaccum pipe.

Please note: It is normal for the trimmer body to run hot during extended use. Operating range is over 200 Fahrenheit (over 90 Celsius)

Reviews (1)

Thursday 01 September, 2022
Works as advertised and is a nice piece of equipment!
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