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Lyman Universal Press Stand

Manufacturers: Lyman


The Lyman Universal Press Stand is the only press stand on the market that will accept most current single station, turret, and progressive presses of all brands. This heavy duty steel stand comes with two mounting plates pre-drilled for your favorite single station, turret, or progressive press. If by chance you have a press that does not match up with any of the numerous patterns, there is also a blank area where you can drill your own mounting holes. The stand will raise your press 9 1⁄4” above your bench surface, which will lessen fatigue from having to bend over to cycle your press and provides a clear view of all reloading operations. All hardware needed to mount your press is included. The Universal Press Stand is drilled to allow it to be bolted to your bench, or it can be C-clamped to provide quick removal if desired.

• All steel, heavy duty construction

• Accepts most single station, turret, and progressive presses

• Blank area allows custom drilling

• Raises your press 9 1⁄4” for a clear view of reloading operations

• Reduces fatigue

• Press mounting hardware is included
• Fits the following presses and more:
Lyman - Crusher, T-Mag, Ideal C-Frame, Victory,

All-American 8 Turret,
RCBS - Rock Chucker, Rock Chucker Supreme, RCBS

Turret, Pro 2000,
Hornady - AP, Iron, Lock-N-Load Classic,
Redding - T7, Lee - Load Master, Pro 1000, Classic,

Value Turret,
Dillon - Square Deal, 550, 650

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