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IPSC Micro Classic Target (40%) white back

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy


These IPSC smaller size 40% targets make perfect for practicing simulating longer distance than you may have on your range, allowing you to better prepare for this long distance shots. 

The back side of the targets are white, which make them perfect to use as hard cover or No-Shoot targets. Clear scoring and border lines on both sides.

These targets are sold in singles, packs of 25, 50 or 100.

1 to 24 targets: 0.36 Euro each.

25 to 49 targets: 0.32 Euro each.

50 to 99 targets: 0.30 Euro each.

100 targets and above: 0.28 Euro each.

Update quantity as needed to see the total price. 

Dimensions checked against the official IPSC Rule Book - We are pleased to say as this was the original cutting die for the General Assembly IPSC Approval specimen that the dimensions are perfect.

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