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DAA Replacement Foam Pads for Ear Defenders
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy

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DAA Replacement Foam Pads for Ear Defenders


A custom designed set (2pcs) of precut foam pads for replacement use of most any hearing protectors. Specifically designed to be a perfect fit in Peltor and Sordins models, these foam pads should work equally well in most of the hearing protectors on the market today.

When the time has come to replace those well used and dirty / smelly foam insert pieces with a new fresh set at a very reasonable cost, these are the right choice. The foam pads are pocketed on the back side to allow contoured space for speaker units as used in electronic sets.  The dense foam offers excellent sound damping while the incorporated black surface material increases durability of the foam pads themselves.

DAA Replacement Foam Pads for Ear Defenders

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