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John ***
Sunday 22 November, 2020
The glasses seemed to be of acceptable quality, although I never used them, because the optical insert , was too small for my Rx.
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
Nic ***
Sunday 21 October, 2018
Have not yet experienced fogging on these glasses.

They do cut/hurt your ear. (While not wearing earpro)
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
Tuesday 02 October, 2018
NO spare lenses available and lenses scratches easily ! Need to buy whole new set if lens is blurred
Rating: (2 of 5 Stars!)
Roger ***
Monday 13 August, 2018
Very great glasses! They are very comfortable even when wearing them for hours. Good airflow, they always stay clear. The transparent inset is very clear. Can recommend them.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
John ***
Tuesday 31 October, 2017
Love em! Great package for the prize, enough lenses to switch depending on the lighting conditions.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Sunday 09 July, 2017
I really like these glasses. Easy to change out the lenses based on the outdoor conditions. I use them for IDPA and the yellow lense is great on an overcast day. Really brightens everything up. They have a prescription lens insert too which is a bonus.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


Our Model Alpha offers the serious competition shooter a complete IPSC shooting glasses set with all the “bells and whistles” at a surprisingly reasonable price. The glasses are ANSI Z-87.1 Impact approved, and the Polycarbonate lens offers full 100% UV400 protection. The Model Alpha is a wraparound 1-piece lens glasses, with a sturdy polymer, fiber-reinforced frame and a complete array of 5 lenses. The Set is packed in a handy hard case, which provides protection and support for all the individual lenses and accessories. The nosepiece is adjustable to allow a more comfortable customized fit and the side arms are slim, perfect for use on the range under ear defenders.

Each Set includes:
A hard case.
One frame (available in a choice of Tactical Matte Black, glossy Black/Blue or glossy Black/Red).
A microfiber cleaning cloth.
A microfiber carry bag.
A headband strap which replaces the detachable side arms.
An optical insert inner frame which clicks into place behind the interchangeable lenses.

5 lenses, including:
Clear, offering 92% light transmission.
Yellow, offering 87% light transmission and enhanced contrast and depth.
Smoke, offering 35% light transmission, ideal for moderately sunny days.
Blue Mirror, 22% light transmission, a striking look for those bright days on the range.
Rainbow Mirror, 22% light transmission, another striking look for those sunny days.

The adjustable nosepiece provides a comfortable snug fit, and allows you to adjust the height of the frame as needed. Perfect for setting the glasses a little higher when needed, like when shooting prone.

The Model Alpha includes a replacement head-band which snaps into place instead of the side arms. It can be installed in seconds, without tools, and offers you a more secure fitting for those extreme situations.

The Model Alpha is available with a choice of three frames - Tactical Matte Black, glossy Black/Blue or glossy Black/Red. Additional frames can be purchased separately, allowing easier transition from one lens to another.

The optical insert clicks into place behind the interchangeable lenses, allowing you to use all the lens types with just one optical insert. The insert does not include correctional lenses, and you must order those from your optometrist.

Extra frames available for €16.00.

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