Continuous Bore Rope Cleaner

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The Continuous Bore Rope Cleaner is the fastest and easiest way to clean your pistol or rifle’s barrel! Just drop the weighted end from the breach through the barrel, attach the weighted end to the tail of the brush – and you now have a closed loop. This allows you to run the bush through the barrel as often as you wish, without having to thread it through again and again.

The plastic winding core on which the product is delivered, can be used not only for orderly storage and transport, but also as a handle to pull the brush through the barrel.

The synthetic fiber rope with copper brush incorporate in it, will provide an effective and super-fast clean to your chamber and barrel, enable you the option for a fast clean even between stages at a match. No need to dismantle the pistol to use – just lock the slide back, drop the weighted end down the barrel and pull through.

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