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DAA 4-Pack Magnetic Collars for Primer Tube
1 x DAA 4-Pack Magnetic Collars for Primer Tube
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DAA Primer Pickup Tubes, 5-Pack
1 x DAA Primer Pickup Tubes, 5-Pack
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1 x DAA PRIMER-PRO Collator
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Latest reviews

Jason ***
28 Dec 2020
At first you have to tinker a bit with it, but once it's dialed in you don't have to load primers any more! I love it.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Gert van ***
22 Dec 2020
First real good working solution for auto filling of the primer tubes. Even with the normally horrible running Murom primers, fills the tubes without a failure! Happy reloading!!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Ben ***
30 Nov 2020
Works fast, until the last 5 to 50 primers that won't fit into/through the slots are the only ones left. Kept full, or with more than 200 primers in the hopper, this collator sure beats anything else I've used. And it keeps up with a hand driven 1100.
I push the correctly oriented too-tall...
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Phil ***
9 Nov 2020
I used this product over the last two weeks to prime 38K 9mm. You have to find the sweet spot with the number of primers and the depth adjustment of the plate. Once that was dialed in it worked well. So far I have only identified 4 primers that went in the wrong way. Pay attention to the warning...
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Luca ***
9 Nov 2020
Excellent product. Allows to carry out other operations while he loads the primers
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Ed ***
3 Nov 2020
I purchased this shortly after I saw the review that Gavin Toobe did on his YouTube channel. I am very pleased with this primer loading device. I was surprised to see some negative reviews since this product has worked perfectly for me. It's certainly not inexpensive but it has been a quality...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Important Note
Some types of primers are tacky/sticky. These may not slide well through the slots in the Primer Pro Disk or down the Exit Ramp. This can lead to a slow output rates and/or poor exit ramp/hole performance. One simple solution to this issue is to apply a little silicon to the primers before loading them into the Primer Pro, as shown  here.

Another effective solution is to periodically clean/lube the Primer Pro plastic parts using a plastic cleaner/Polish or dry lube, such as Pledge, Cockpit spray cleaner or the likes. As shown  here.

With one or the other solution applied, all types of Small Primers can successfully be used.

The Primer-Pro is available for small primers only!


US PATENT 10,718,599

This offer includes the DAA Primer-Pro Collator, DAA Primer Pickup Tubes and the DAA 4-pack Magnetic Collars for Dillon Tubes

Primer-Pro Manual: Download-English

The PRIMER-PRO by Double-Alpha is a unique new approach to handling primers, and the solution reloaders have been waiting for!

As any reloader knows well, manually filling primer tubes can be the most time-consuming and aggravating step in the whole reloading process, and few good automated solutions exist.

Until now!

The PRIMER-PRO by Double-Alpha is an innovative patent-pending design which departs from the traditional vibratory bowl solution used by all other automated primer tube machines. The PRIMER-PRO uses a collator type solution where the primers are allowed to exit the bowl through 20 precisely formed channels, ONLY if they are orientated in the correct direction (Anvil side up). If they are Anvil down, they will not pass through the channel, and rather slide back into the bowl as their channel reaches the top of the rotation, to enter again later, correctly oriented.

This rejection-type design makes it practically impossible for a primer to enter the output channel if incorrectly orientated, making this device extremely reliable. During development, we ran many successful tests in which 100 tubes were filled (10,000 primers fed) without a single up-side-down primer!

As the primers slide down the covered output-chute, they pass through an optical sensor which counts them and stops the collator once 100 primers have been counted into the primer-tube. The electronic processor board also monitors the sensor and is programed to stop the collator if, for whatever reason, primers hang-up on the exit hole and stack up along the ramp. The collator will be stopped before the primers stack all the way up and jam the collator. In such a case, the LED will flash quickly to indicate there is a problem. Once cleared, pressing the start button again will allow the collator to run and the count will continue from where it was stopped. Or alternatively, a long press on the button will start the count a new.

One of the most innovative design solutions of the PRIMER-PRO is the Output Actuator Arm, which is activated by a lever system off the Timing Disk at the bottom of the Collator Assembly. This Output Actuator Arm slides the primers from the bottom of the ramp slide, moving them over to above the output hole, holding them there for a split second to ensure they are static, horizontal and stable, and then retracting to allow the primer to fall cleanly down into the awaiting primer tube. This dynamic solution for the exit hole greatly reduces the chance of primers hanging up while exiting into the tube, a problem common with other automated primer fillers.

The PRIMER-PRO is currently available only for Smaller Primers, and handles Small-Rifle or Small-Pistol Primers equally well. A Large primer version may be offered in the future.

One Magnetic Collar for a Dillon Primer Tube is included with the unit. A PRIMER TUBE IS NOT INCLUDED! Since the PRIMER-PRO can refill a single Primer Tube faster than you can use the previous 100 primers in any reloading press, only one tube is strictly necessary.

However additional Magnetic Collars can be purchased separately, for those who prefer to fill multiple tubes before starting their reloading session.

The unit is powder by a 12v DC power supply (dual voltage, 110-230), which ships including a suitable European and US prong set (included). The power cord is 2 meters (6ft) long, and includes an ON/OFF switch in the cable.

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