Dillon RF100 Automatic Small Primer Filler

Dillon Precision Inc.

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Erik De ***
16 Sep 2020
Try the best speed once and you can relax forever having always filled primer tubes at your site. Spend only time on accurate setting your primers, not on filling tubes. Even more relaxed when you have enough tubes and stake them on a tube board. With conversion you can even use normal Dillon...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Joel ***
1 Jan 2019
The unit itself looks pretty tough and durable, but it seems it is taking too long a time for the primers to fill the tube. It took me more than 3 minutes or more to fill the tube. My old pick up tube is definitely faster.
Rating: (2 of 5 Stars!)
2 Dec 2018
It took some fiddling to get the setup right for the make of primers but now this machine is stakking primers super fast and consistently, a must have for the serious progressive reloader.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Erich ***
9 Nov 2015
i had other solutions before, the RF100 is the most reliable primer sorter / filler - 1 wrong "up side down" in 1000 or better
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


When ordered in North America, this product will ship in a 110v configuration. When ordered Internationally – the 220v model will be sent.

Dillon’s RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler eliminates the task of filling primer pick up tubes. Now you simply pour your primers from their box into the top, press the blue button and watch it run! No need to purchase additional primer pickup tubes.

In about two minutes the primers are inside the protective metal housing. That’s about 30 rounds you can load while the RF 100 is doing your work for you.

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