Combo: Eckla Multi Rolly and Holding Bar

Eckla Multi Rolly
1 x Eckla Multi Rolly
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Eckla Multi Rolly Holding Bar
1 x Eckla Multi Rolly Holding Bar
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Latest reviews

Michael ***
21 Apr 2017
The trolley itself is well made although the hinged couplings could do with a bit of beefing up. A second clip-on or fold out load platform is an advantage (cooler bag or box on the lower and gun bag on the top)
the "Holding Bar" on mine turned out to be too short and I need to find a way to...
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Drew ***
24 Aug 2016
No. 1; Double Alpha Academy is one of the VERY few companies that , by my 'figuring' (I could be wrong) doesn't 'discriminate' against Canadians by charging HUGE S&H fees to Canada. THANK YOU !
No. 2; I was waiting for YEARS for another companies cart, but I'm pretty happy with the ECKLA. What's...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
8 Jul 2015
This is a great range tool, however, it would greatly benefit from some "accessorizing". I shoot in an outdoor summertime pistol league and it the perfect way to transport a heavy shooting bag, ammo, "brass magnet", water bottle, etc., and a place to sit while waiting my turn to shoot. Others in...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


Save with this Multi Rolly + Holding Bar Combo!

The new Eckla Multi Rolly is simply put - the perfect range cart for the serious shooter.

This sturdy, yet lightweight cart folds down flat and the wheels are easily removed for transport in the boot of any car. A carry bag is included to store the wheels, in case they are wet or muddy.

The cart has large inflatable outdoor wheels, which insure a safe and easy transport even across very rough ground. The handle is high and comfortable to reach making transporting even a heavy load easy work.

The Multi Rolly, unlike the Beach Rolly, has a transport platform in ADDITION to a folding seat. This means you can leave your range bag high and dry while you sit. The chair offered by the Multi Rolly is higher and therefore more comfortable to use, especially when wearing your rig.

The Eckla Multi Holding bar can be added as an accessory (purchased separately), perfect for supporting rifles or shotguns for 3-gun use.

The Multi Holding bar is a "must have" accessory for those shooting 3-gun, who need to transport their shotgun or rifle (or both) along with their range bag and ammo.

The Multi Holding bar can be attached to either the Multi Rolly or the Beach Rolly models, offering support for up to 3 long-guns. The aluminium assembly is adjustable, to accommodate various types of rifles or shotguns. It is covered with transparent rubber to protect your firearms and includes adjustable quick-release straps to hold the guns in place. It can be assembled or disassembled in seconds.

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