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Mr.BulletFeeder Pre-Set Nose-Guide
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Tuesday 11 October, 2022
Perfect a great idea! Is it compatible with the (DAA MBF Pro)?
[DAA Reply]: No, it is not compatible with the Pro model.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)

Combo: 3x DAA MBF Pre-Set Nose Guide

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy


This is a bundle for 3x DAA Mr.BulletFeeder Pre-Set Nose Guides.

Mr.BulletFeeder Pre-Set Nose Guide:

Save setup time and make caliber swap-overs easier than ever, with the Mr.Bullet Feeder Pre-Set Nose-Guide!                              

Those familiar with using the Mr. Bullet Feeder by DAA, will know how critical it is to adjust the Nose-Guide piece precisely correctly for the bullet caliber and profile you are collating. Positioning the Nose-Guide at precisely the correct depth under the collator bullet plate, and setting the depth of the Nose-Guide pocket just right, are key to collating with 100% reliability and to feeling all bullets base down as required.

If you often switch between bullet types or calibers, it can be time consuming to have to readjust that nose guide each time.

Well – no more! 

The Mr.Bulletfeeder Pre-Set Nose-Guide allows you to micro-adjustment the position of the Nose Guide and quickly achieve the perfect setting for your bullet type and caliber. And no more need for the loose Nose-Guide Spacers either, which so often got lost between caliber change overs. Now the depth of the pocket is adjusted with just a turn of a screw.

And better still! If you have multiple Pre-Set Nose-Guides, you can remove each one pre-set for a particular bullet – and drop it back in next time you need it! The part snaps into place against the magnetic stop-position piece (included) and you are perfectly setup and ready to load. This enables you to change bullet types in seconds, not minutes. 

The bright colored orange material is perfect for writing on with a black Sharpie, to mark the bullet type it is pre-set for.

Please note:

This Pre-Set Nose-Guide is a drop on fit to all the Mr.BF units produced from 2018 and later (the units which have the hanger that clamps onto the motor gear box). Earlier models – the ones which had the round aluminum rods and round Delrin puck hangers – will require some DIY fitting. You can still use this new part – but you will need to slightly widen the slot for the Nose-Guide in your Collator base before use, and modify the shape of the magnet holder piece to fit next to the round mounting rod on the base plate. .

Watch the tutorial video for installation instructions.

Reviews (1)

Tuesday 11 October, 2022
Perfect a great idea! Is it compatible with the (DAA MBF Pro)?
[DAA Reply]: No, it is not compatible with the Pro model.
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