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Taran Tactical Firepower Base Pad Kit for MPX +11, Flat Black
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Manufacturer: Taran Tactical Innovations

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Taran Tactical Firepower Base Pad Kit for MPX +11, Flat Black

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The Taran Tactical Innovations Sig Sauer MPX is designed to work with the Sig Sauer MPX stock 9mm 30 round magazine. The TTI Sig MPX base pad will add 11 rounds to your stock MPX 30 round magazine. This base pad will add some extra weight to the magazine which will allow the magazine to drop quicker and smoother, which in turn will allow you to reload the gun much faster. TTI uses a patented push pin design to attach the base pad to the magazine, no tools will be needed allowing you to clean your magazines on the range in a timely manner. Also included is a 10% stronger silicon carbide spring which will aid in consistent magazine feeding. All TTI base pads are manufactured in the USA of billet aluminum and hard anodized for long lasting color.


- Comes with extra power Silicon Carbide spring to enhance feeding and to ensure slide lock.

- Overall weight 4.7oz.

- Length, 2 inches.

- Patented, proven push-pin design.

No tools needed, just push the pin down, slide the base pad onto the magazine and push the pin up to lock the base pad onto the magazine. Easily attaches and detaches from the magazine.

- One-piece design; no small parts to keep track of.

- Minimal length addition to allow usage while in a prone position.

- Holds 41+1 in 9mm.

- The added weight helps the magazine drop free easier for faster reloads.

- CNC machined from billet aluminum.

- Hard anodized.

- Made in the USA.


Taran Tactical Firepower Base Pad Kit for MPX +11, Flat Black

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