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Shooter's Choice Polymer Safe Quick Scrub
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Manufacturer: Shooters choice

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Shooter's Choice Polymer Safe Quick Scrub

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Polymer Safe Quick Scrub (PSQ) is Harmless To Polymers, Plastics, and Camouflage Finishes, yet Quickly Flushes Away Grime and Fouling. Perfect for Cleaning Actions and Trigger Assembly (Without Disassembling). PSQ Works Great on all Firearms.

Solves most malfunctions by removing problem fouling:

• Dirt • Grease • Powder fouling
• Oil • Grime • Soft carbon


• Completely safe to use on polymers, plastics, synthetic stocks, bluing, Teflon®, paint, camouflage and wood finishes
• Will not harm delicate optics or sights
• No disassembly required
• Quickly evaporates
• Actions perform smoother (even in cold weather)

Recommended Uses:

• All conventional firearms
• Black powder firearms
• Fishing tackle
• Sporting equipment

12.5 oz Aerosol with extension tube

Shooter's Choice Polymer Safe Quick Scrub

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