RT1500 Case Trimmer Assembly

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Bernard ***
30 Aug 2021
Fast easy set up on my Dillon RL1100.
Trimmer runs smooth with all the power you need.
Bottom line, super fast flat even trim cuts, processed over 4000 5.56 cases in under 4 hours and I'm very happy with it.
Note if your are converting 223, 5.56 brass to 300 blackout you will need a short trim...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


The RT1500 Electric Case Trimmer is designed for the Dillon 650/750 and 1050 reloading presses to handle the heaviest trimming jobs, including converting 223 Remington into 300 AAC Blackout. The RT1500 makes short work out of trimming large quantities of brass during the reloading process. The RT 1500 trim die is used just like a standard size die. The big difference is that while you are pushing the case into the die to size it, a 1/4 horsepower electric motor driving a carbide cutter is trimming the case to length. Chips are drawn off through a vacuum manifold that clamps to the outside of the special size/trim die. (Vacuum cleaner and hose not included.)

Outside diameter of manifold is 1.250" where the vacuum hose connects.

The RT1500 is equipped with a quick-disconnect power cord; and it can be used on any standard reloader, single stage or progressive.

Note: size/trim dies are sold separately. Case lube must be used to size and trim brass.

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