Dillon Border Shift Ammo Bag

Dillon Precision Inc.

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8 May 2021
Used these for 30 years and have purchased two recently. Waiting for restock to get another. Very durable and Dillon 'cool'.
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George ***
6 Feb 2021
A very convenient way to manage ammo and brass.
I have them for several calibers
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Greg ***
2 Jun 2020
Bulk loaded ammo in one side & empty brass comes home in the other side.

Especially handy with revolver sessions.

Double Alpha is the place to order from, too....fast and much better total delivery cost than from the Dillon mothership, lol
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Dillon’s two-compartment ammo bag is constructed with a flexible inner liner that will allow the entire volume to be accessible from either zippered opening. You’ll never again mix fired brass with loaded rounds!

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