DAA Turbo Case-Feeder Plate - pistol calibers

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Nicholas ***
3 Jul 2024
I love this case feeder plate. I use it in my Dillon 750. It's very fast and eliminates the problems with cases getting hung up inside the bowl.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Thomas ***
23 Jun 2024
I love this case feeder plate. I had trouble with my old plate and 9mm. they would occasionally get stuck under the plate and stall the whole process. I would need to empty the hopper and start all over again. Now problem solved. Thank You.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Jon ***
6 Jun 2024
I've only tested this out so far with 9mm and 380ACP, but it has worked fairly well. I still get the occasional upside-down case, but it has worked near perfectly on 9mm. For 380, operating at higher speeds will sometimes result in case jams. I still need to test 45ACP, so may provide an update...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Ronni Keldgaard ***
22 Mar 2024
Doing what it has to do, is really extremely satisfied.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Richard ***
19 Mar 2024
Generally I love this product.... BUT..... when using it for my 9mm cases the case feeder plate hit the feeder plate. It needed a washer that did not come with the unit and the one I was told to use from Dillon was to thick and caused jams. I had to fabricate one..... not a deal breaker but a PITA !
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
Ole Thomas ***
15 Mar 2024
I have for the most part been happy with the stock Dillon casefeeder plates in most calibers, but when it comes to .38 Special and .357 Magnum, they leave a lot to be desired. The small Dillon plate is excruciatingly slow since the .38/.357 case rim barely fits in the holes, and the large plate...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


The DAA Turbo Case-Feeder Plate is a highly modified and evolved reloading accessory which will greatly increase the output speed of your current Dillon case feeder.

The plate is designed to handle all pistol calibers – from .380 to 0.45, so one plate can now handle all your pistol calibers!

** For the very long revolver cases (38SPL and 357) the plate must be elevated using a large washer (not included). Not recommended for use with .44MAG.

The DAA Turbo Case-Feeder Plate is built very differently from the original Dillon Plate. Our plate is much thicker, and incorporate deep feeding grooves into each of the 32 output pockets on the plate. These grooves greatly improve the efficiency of picking up brass as the plate rotates, ensuring that more of the pockets output a case, on each rotation. This increases the output speed by 30-80% compared to the original plate. (output speed gain varies per caliber. Highest gains are with 9mm, lowest with .45)

The thicker plate design also serves to offer better support to the cases as they drop out the exit hole, reducing the likelihood of them rotating on the way out and possible causing a hang-up in the output funnel.

The DAA Turbo Case-Feeder Plate includes an aluminum slip clutch assembly at its center, to insure the disc can slip and not stall the motor if a jam occurs. Our slip-clutch assembly includes a handy stainless steel D-ring which makes it much easier to grab hold of the plate from its center and lift it up off the motor shaft, and out the case feeder. (experienced reloaders will know that this can be difficult to do without such a feature, especially with a well-used, dirty plate/casefeeder)

The 292mm diameter of the DAA Turbo Case-Feeder Plate make it a drop-in fit for both the original AC Dillon case feeder, as well as the newer Variable Speed DC model. It will also fit and can be used in the Mark7 case feeders and the Hornady case feeder as well. (It is recommended to use the Dislodge-Wedge in Hornady case feeders)

Each DAA Turbo Case-Feeder Plate ships including the innovative DAA Dislodge-Wedge for Dillon Variable speed Casefeeder (also sold separately). This wedge replaces the original Dillon wedge in the Variable speed case feeder, further improving performance. (customers not using the Dillon variable speed case feeder, may not use this wedge). This larger, contoured wedge fits down to the base of the plate and eliminates case pinching and jamming, experienced occasionally with the original, smaller Dillon wedge.


Need to output even faster?!

While developing this product, we noticed that the Dillon Variable speed motor is wired so that it slows down and speeds up gradually each time the Switch is triggered under the output chute. While running at full speed, our plate was outputting cases in almost every pocket – and triggering this switch very frequently as the cases fall past it down the tube… This lead to the motor slowing down significantly... We found that at full speed – the case feeder would slow down and rotate no faster than it did at half speed. 

So to  unlock the full potential of the new plate, we found a simple wiring modification to the Dillon motor, which prevents this from happening. once done, the motor does not slow down as much, and we were able to clock output rates of over 12,000 9mm cases per hour! If you are in need of such high output rates (for a commercial Rollsizer, decapper or so on) check out the instructions here.

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