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Clutch Adaptor for Mark 7 - DAA Turbo Case Feeder Plate

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy


Since we introduced our DAA Turbo Case-Feeder Plate for the Dillon case feeders, we’ve had Mark-7 customers asking us if they could use it with their High Speed 11” Mark7 case feeder (as supplied with the Apex-10 press).

The answer is YES! The disk is the same size and it works great in the excellent Mark-7 case feeder. 

However, the Mark-7 case feeder uses a 6mm motor shaft with two small drive pins, while our plate’s lower clutch is designed to fit onto the Dillon 8mm motor shaft with one drive pin….

And while some customers are using our Turbo plate “as is” in their Mark-7 case feeder, we felt it would be better to design and offer a replacement lower clutch part, custom designed to perfectly fit the Mark-7 case feeder motor shaft.

This Clutch Adaptor for DAA Turbo Disk/Mark7 CF is 3D printed from very hard-wearing Nylon12, using advanced SLS technology. The part fits onto the Mark7 motor shaft and the base of our Turbo plate, and includes long threaded inserts for the included, longer M5 bolts. Simply replace the lower clutch piece supplied with the DAA Turbo plate, reassemble using the supplied longer bolts, and you are good to go!

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