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Sordin Supreme-Pro X
1 x Sordin Supreme-Pro X
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Sordin Silicone Gel Replacement Ear Pads
1 x Sordin Silicone Gel Replacement Ear Pads
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Latest reviews

Robert ***
29 May 2018
Have used these several times and I am favorably impressed. Very comfortable wearing glasses with the gel pads. The sounds are so natural in quality and volume that I sometimes forget that I have them on. Great for range time. I can hear commands but the gun fire is suppressed instantly and very...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Samuel ***
20 Sep 2017
Just received my Sordin Supreme Pro-x ear muffs.

This is the second pair that I have had the first ones lasted nearly eight years and are sill fine just the plastic cover on the leads is starting to wear and come off so I decided to get another pair.

They have to be one of the best earmuffs...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Richard ***
11 Aug 2017
I agree...I have a shelf full of plugs and muffs...some of whom cost twice as much as the Sordin......I just completed a complex Argentina shooting experience of _15 shoots...intensive testing with high volume of 20 GA ammunition...coulc not be more pleased...the cost of hearing aids is in the...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Alwin ***
11 Apr 2017
Best Of The Best Hearing Protection! sound suppression and quality of background sound are amazing!, better than my Peltor...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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SordinHEAR2 is our new audio system. It is integrated in the latest Supreme models Pro-X and Pro-X LED. At its heart – four new audio profiles that further enhance your sound experience.
‍Audio excellence made Sordin Supreme legendary. The natural reproduction of ambient sound with perfect directional sensitivity. The HiFi-like sound quality. Now: The next chapter – SordinHEAR2 with four audio profiles, allowing you to adapt your sound experience to different situations.

Four new audio profiles:

  • SHOOTING - Shooting is a comfort profile with lower gain and a narrower audible frequency spectrum. Perfect when normal situational awareness is sufficient, e.g. in shooting training at the range. 
  • HUNTING - Hunting is the main audio profile for general purposes. The sound image is optimized for a normal hunting day, balancing  clear ambient sound such as speech with comfortable low-noise audio.
  • FOCUS - Focus is your full-alert profile. It features high amplification and a wider frequency spectrum for highest situational awareness. Use this audio profile e.g. in the hunting tower to shapen your senses before your shot.
  • COMMS - In Comms, ambient sound is deactivated and your hearing protector uses passive protection only. However, the 3.5-mm AUX input is active allowing for clear communication even in noisy environments. 

Sordin Supreme is hunters’ and shooters’ first choice of electronic hearing protector. Based on Sordin’s military-graded models, Sordin Supreme meets the most stringent demands of quality and functionality.

Sordin Supreme is legendary for its excellent audio reproduction. It protects you from hazardous noise while allowing you to hear harmless sound through the cups. Surrounding sound is detected by microphones on the outside of each cup and reproduced by speakers inside the cups.

While hazardous noise is compressed, you can still talk to other people as well as hearing commands and instructions without removing your hearing protector, even when others are shooting around you.

No hearing protector matches Supreme’s natural sound reproduction. Weak ambient sound is amplified without chopping or cutting out. The Sordin Supreme Pro-X family comes with the advanced SordinHEAR2 sound system which includes four audio profiles, each matching a typical user situation that hunters may encounter.

The compact cup design makes Supreme remarkably smooth to wear. The lower part of the cups is even more compact to simplify shooting for both right- and left-hand shooters.

600 hours of battery time using two standard AAA batteries. AUX input port for connection of an external audio source, e.g. a hunting radio or a mobile phone. A 3.5-mm mono cable is included.


  • SordinHEAR2 inside providing excellent sound quality and four different audio profiles (Hunting, Focus, Shooting and Comms)
  • LED light which automatically shuts off after three minutes
  • IP67 tested
  • Waterproof microphones and battery compartment
  • Compact cup design
  • Sealing rings of GEL as standard (PVC foam rings available as accessory)
  • Easy-to-use push buttons to control the electronic functions
  • A level-dependent function allows you to hear ambient sound such as warning signals, moving vehicles and important information while being safely protected from hazardous noise
  • Amplification of weak sound
  • Natural sound reproduction using high-quality speakers inside the cups
  • Sound reproduced using the level-dependent function is limited to maximum 82 dB
  • Automatic switch-off after 4 hours if no button is activated, saving battery time
  • Audio input (AUX) for connecting an external audio source, such as a communication radio (3.5-mm mono cable is included)
  • Low battery warning when approximately 40 hours is left of the battery life
  • Efficient attenuation even when wearing glasses

Weight: 310 g
SNR = 25 dB

Download the manual here.

Sordin Gel Pads

The replacement Silicon Gel Kits, include 2 Silicon ear Pads and 2 new insulation cushions. It is important to replace the cushions from time to time, to ensure good hygiene and best sound performance. This upgrade kit gives you extra cushions, in addition to the main item - the new silicon Gel Pads.

You need to try these to best appreciate them. The silicon in the pads is in a gel state, not liquid, so even if punctured it will not leak. The Silicon molds itself around the contour of your head, offering even more comfort and better sound protection that the normal sponge based ear pads.

The Silicon Gel pads really shine when you use the ear protection with shooting glasses, as we usually do. They mold themselves around the arms of the glasses, improving sound protection and preventing pressure of the glasses against your head.

The Sordin Silicon Gel Ear pads can be used with all the Sordin models offered here - the Supreme Pro, Pro-X and Pro+3. The original pads are easily replaced, and can be kept as spares for future use. No modification is needed to the ear defenders when using this silicon gel upgrade kit.

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