Q: I just bought 5 of the DAA Racer Magazine Pouches from The Shooters Connection. When I tried to mount them for bullets out, the mounting screw interferes with the tensioner screw. Do you have a different screw I can buy that will solve the interference problem. I know I've seen this mentioned on the Brian Enos forum. Some have filed down the mounting screw head but I would prefer to just mount a screw that was made not to interfere.

Yes, this is a known issue.

The mounting point for bullets out will be moved lower down in future productions, but for now, the easiest and fastest solution is indeed just to turn down the head of the screw a little.

This can be done quickly holding the screw in a drill, and spinning the head of the screw against the grinding stone, a file or even some sandpaper. Once the screw head is made a little smaller, it will no longer interfere with the tension wheel.