Stainless Steel Safety Lever for Alpha-X/RM/Flex Holsters

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Claus ***
26 Jun 2012
Same as the standard lever, but with grooves filed off smoothly.
If you can do this yourself, you don't need it.
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)


This Stainless Steel safety lever is the standard component included with the Flex holster Insert blocks. It is also compatible with the Alpha-X/Race Master Insert Blocks and can be utilized by shooters who prefer a safety lever that sits closer to the back of the Insert Block.

Some shooters may find that the original Alpha-X's safety lever protrudes too much and hinders their draw stroke. This safety lever offers a solution to that issue by providing a flatter and wider serrated paddle for easy activation.

Please note, this safety lever is not compatible with the Racer-X holster bodies.

To replace your safety lever, follow these steps:

  • Remove the insert block assembly from your holster.
  • Using a pointed tool, push the safety pin out from the inside until you can grip the head of the pin with pliers. Remove the original safety lever (the spring loaded ball will not fall out from the safety's side).
  • Insert the new safety lever, aligning the hole, and replace the pin.
  • Test the safety lever's function and reassemble your holster.
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