DAA/Max Michel Optic Sight Bit Kit

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Introducing the DAA/Max Michel Optic Sight Bit Kit, a collaborative effort by DAA and World Champion Max Michel to provide the shooting community with a compact and comprehensive toolset for precise adjustments of Optic Red Dot Sights.

This versatile bit kit is designed for portability, allowing you to conveniently carry it to the shooting range and ensuring that you always have the necessary bits to fine-tune your sight.

Crafted from durable aluminum, the bit handle takes the shape of a sleek pen and features a magnetic design. It securely houses nine laser-engraved bits, making identification effortless.

The included bits are:

  1. Torx T6
  2. Torx T10
  3. Torx T15
  4. Allen 1.5mm
  5. Allen 2.0mm
  6. Allen 2.5mm
  7. Allen 0.050"
  8. Allen 1/8"
  9. Flat Screwdriver head

With this meticulously curated kit, you'll have everything you need to make precise adjustments to your Optic Red Dot Sight.

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