Mr.Bulletfeeder Gen 2 Output Assembly

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As part of the many improvements to the Mr.BulletFeeder by DAA GEN-2, the output assembly has been upgraded too!

The end which attached to the collator, now clicks into place with a bayonet type connector, eliminating the need for the screw, and ensuring the debris slot is always oriented correctly. 

The small end, which attaches to the head of the dropper, now includes a threaded  insert for the lock up screw, to improve longevity when frequently opened.

Both ends now include a two piece coupling assembly that enables users to snap the closure onto the spring, rather than have to screw the spring into the part. Screwing the spring in could be problematic as it sometimes would dig into the plastic. That issues is solve now with this two piece assembly.

Please note that this new Gen2 output assembly can only be used with the new Gen2 collator. The dropper end is compatible with all Mr.Bulletfeeder droppers on the market.

The Output tube assembly is what connects the Mr. Bulletfeeder by DAA’s collator to the dropper. It feeds the bullets into the dropper, keeping them inline and feeding smoothly. 
The large Output assembly is required when loading 9mm (over 115gr bullets), .40, or 45. It is included when you purchase a Mr.Bulletfeeder by DAA machine.
The Smaller output tube assembly is required for the rifle calibers (both .223 and .308) as well as when loading very short, light 9mm bullets, such as many of the 90gr bullets used. It is included when you order a rifle caliber Mr.Bulletfeeder by DAA machine. 

Note that a small output tube is included with all rifle conversion kits. When ordering a rifle conversion kit- please inform us if you need a Gen1 or Gen2 output spring assembly!

However, a large output tube assembly in NOT included with a pistol conversion kit. So if you are converting a rifle machine to pistol – you must order a large output tube assembly in addition to your pistol caliber conversion kit. 

If you are ordering a 9mm bullet feeder, (or conversion kit) and intend to load very short 90gr bullets – you should also order a small output tube assembly for better performance with these bullets.

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