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Mr.Bulletfeeder/Pro by DAA Point-Down Conversion Kit
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy

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Mr.Bulletfeeder/Pro by DAA Point-Down Conversion Kit

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The Mr.BulletFeeder by DAA has become the standard for a reliable, robust and flexible bullet feeding solution for reloaders around the world.

And the collator was originally designed to feed the bullets base down, as required for all reloading applications.

However for some time now, we have been receiving a growing interest in, and requests for a solution to collate and feed the bullets point-down instead, for use in resizing machines.


So after a considerable amount of prototyping and testing, we are very pleased to offer you these conversion kits for the Mr.Bulletfeeder by DAA and the Mr.BulletFeeder PRO, which will convert your machine to a point-down feeder.

Using the Mr.BulletFeeder you already have, and the parts included in this kit, you will be able to quickly convert your unit back and forth between base-down or point-down feeding.


Please note: Suitable for pistol calibers only.

Mr.Bulletfeeder/Pro by DAA Point-Down Conversion Kit

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