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Mark 7
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Brian ***
27 Aug 2020
I do have a Dillon XL750 machine and this fits that machine nicely. I was using something I engineered myself, but my 9mm cartridges would get stuck so I needed something with a bigger funnel and hose. It comes with a very powerful magnet that goes on the inside of the funnel and it mounts...
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The Mark 7® Offloading System comes with a strong magnet in a small white box inside the funnel. (Warning: The magnet is very strong!) The tube and funnel attach to the press bracket with a strong magnet for easy removal and a strong attachment.

This Offloading System for your Apex 10, 1050, 650, Evolution™ or Revolution® set-up automatically captures your pistol or rifle brass, or loaded rounds, and funnels them gently into your own receptacle.

Use a 5-gallon bucket at the end or virtually any container to capture your output. The included hose slows down your rounds as they descend to your receptacle. Sized appropriately for any size pistol or rifle brass or loads. Funnel is made of durable plastic and wipes clean.

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