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The Mark 7 Evolution

Manufacturers: Mark 7


The Mark 7 Evolution is a fully customer-configurable product. This page is designed to offer you information about the Mark 7 Evolution, however you need to use the Evolution Builder in order to configure and order your Mark 7 Evolution.

Please note:

  • The price shown here is the Core of the machine only, without peripherals. These are configured and added in the builder.
  • Pictures shown display accessories not included as standard!

For close to 30 years, the only real choice for the serious reloader looking to own the best progressive reloading machine has been the Dillon 1050. But that is now changing, with the introduction of the Mark 7 EVOLUTION.

The heart and core of the all new Evolution is based on the commercial grade Mark 7 REVOLUTION Machine introduced in 2017. This 10-stage rotary progressive reloading press offers features never before incorporated in such a machine.

The massive 10-station tool head indexes smoothly and reliably on a radically improved indexing system. The extra stations offer long awaited options to reloaders wanting to do it all in one pass. To Swage and Trim, as well as use a bullet feeder while still checking their powder charge. With this new machine - it all becomes possible!

Standard features of the Mark 7 EVOLUTION include:

  • A massive, robust 10-station tool head which allows you to “have it all”:
    • Station 1: Case feeding
    • Station 2: Sizing and decapping
    • Station 3: Swage/Case trim
    • Station 4: Primer seat with hold down
    • Station 5: Resize/neck expansion
    • Station 6: Powder drop
    • Station 7: Powder check
    • Station 8: Bullet Dropper
    • Station 9: Seating
    • Station 10: Crimping
  • Large capacity, fast feeding case collator
  • Ergonomically designed operating handle, which can be assembled for right or left-hand use
  • New and improved case fee system using roller bearings and user-adjustable springs
  • Double Sleeve support for the tool head creates smoother more in-line function
  • Gear-based precision-fit overall operation
  • A large assortment of accessories, upgrades and sensors are available.

Designed for automation, and for many optional upgrades, which include the Mark 7 Automatic Primer collator, the Mark 7 Evolution Autodrive and the complete suite of Mark 7 Sensors and parts.

If you own a Mark 7 1050 Pro/X Autodrive – that can be modified for use on a new Evolution, with the purchase of a conversion kit.



Overall machine dimensions are 39" tall (99.1 cm) X 19.5" (49.5cm) wide x 14" (35.6cm) deep

Machine weight 65lbs (29.5kg)



The Evolution™ can easily be upgraded with the following options at any point:

Automatic Primer Collator

Machine caliber conversion kits that include all the components required to convert the press from one caliber to another

Trimmer kit for rifle processing



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