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Double-Alpha Academy
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Steven ***
5 Nov 2023
comes set up for glock; easy to adjust for others with the included tools.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Michael ***
23 Jul 2023
I love these pouches for IDPA. They hold my Walther mags tight, but glide out smoothly for reloads. Would love to see a clip-on belt option for ease of install and removal outside of competition to make them more EDC friendly.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Eddie ***
29 Jan 2022
I have a number of the originals and love 'em. These are well made and function properly. I dropped one star because of the angle adjustment. Adjustments are in approximately 14 degree increments; 10 degrees max is legal. If you run at 90 degrees, no issue. I like a slight angle. On the fence if...
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Atanas ***
16 Jan 2022
Excellent quality. Very smooth reload. I recommend.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Daniel ***
15 Jan 2022
The pouches are great but if you plan on using them with the DA belt plan on spending a good amount of time fitting them to the belt. The belt is very sturdy and thick, too thick to fit through the pouch loops.
DA really should take a look at this and be sure their gear will fit together with...
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
Fabio ***
24 Oct 2021
Great pouches for IDPA competitions. They hold my CZ P10F mags firmly but not too much to slow down reloading. They seem sturdy and well made
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


The unique retention system that all DAA pouches utilize has made the Racer Pouch a very popular choice for competition shooters worldwide. However, to make it suitable for IDPA use, some changes and new features were required.

The IDPA Racer Pouch utilizes the same tested and proven Racer Pouch body on an entirely new hanger that allows the slide-onto-belt functionality required for IDPA competitors. The hanger is designed to position the pouch closer to the body, making it suitable for IDPA, but also with an eye to the carry and self-defense markets.

The thumb-adjustable wheel is removed to meet the IDPA rules. Tension adjustment is still possible by means of a pressure screw that can be turned with a hex key, accessed from the back of the pouch body.

The IDPA Racer Hanger is ideal for threading onto medium to thick belts with a width ranging from 1.5” to 2.25” (39 mm to 57 mm), using a set of included click-in spacers. For each belt width use the appropriate spacers to get a solid and secure fit.
Interchangeable pouch inserts allow you to go from larger 2011 mags to smaller CZ/Tan mags. A third pressure spacer is included for Glock and M&P mags. A single stack spacer is also available as an accessory.

Please note:
These IDPA pouches are designed to be used on IDPA legal leather belts, not on Velcro inner/outer belt systems as used in IPSC, which are not legal for IDPA use.
It is very difficult to install these pouches onto our Premium belt, as they are not designed for use on that belt. It is not a recommended combination.

The pouch is completely ambidextrous, allowing easy mounting for left-handed or right-handed users. You can even mount the pouch at 90 degrees away from the body if you prefer “bullet-out” carry (not legal for IDPA use). You can adjust for tilt in very small steps, allowing you to find your preferred angle. Once the correct angle is set and the center screw tightened, the serrations in the connector piece lock up, preventing any rotation of the pouch until the center screw is loosened several turns.

How to remove/replace the spacers to adjust for belt width:

If you try to push them out forward or backwards, you will find them almost impossible to remove. The hanger is made of tough material and does not flex much.

However, rotating them 90deg makes them come loose very easily. Hold one spacer at a time between you thumb and forefinger and rotate it 90degrees. Then allow it to fall out of the slot.

Keep the spare parts safe, should you wish to use them later with a narrower belt.

Assemble in the reverse.


Available in Black only


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