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DAA Classic Leather Belt

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy


Double-Alpha Classic Leather Belts are heavy duty all-purpose belts made from top quality thick leather with a thin plastic core added for extra durability and firmness. The layers are fused and then stitched with heavy duty cord. The chunky brass buckle has rounded corners to ensure it won’t jab you when you sit, and it can easily be replaced for a custom buckle of your choice. These belts are designed to be flexible and comfortable enough to wear casually, and yet firm enough to carry any gear you may need to mount on your belt - items such as guns and magazines, communications equipment, handcuffs, flash lights, tools - you name it! This belt will offer you a lifetime of service.

Three patterns are available: Brown Weave pattern, Brown Linked pattern and Black Linked pattern.

Three sizes are available, which cover most needs. The length is measured to the middle of 7 holes:
Medium: For waist size 32”-36”: length to middle hole 87 cm
Large: For waist size 38”-42”: length to middle hole 102 cm
Extra Large: For waist size 44”-48”: length to middle hole 117 cm

Width: 3.9cm

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