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DAA Magnetic 6 shot 45 Moon-Clip Holder
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Friday 26 February, 2016
Ottimo prodotto istallazione faCile speriamo che duri
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Combo: 8x DAA Magnetic 6 shot 45 Moon-Clip Holder

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy


Combo: 8x DAA Magnetic 6 shot 45 Moon-Clip Holder. Save over 20%!

The new DAA Magnetic Moon Clip Holder is a result of many months of development and collaboration with several top International Revolver competitors.

The concept of holding the moon clip magnetically is not a new one, but we have taken it a couple of meaningful steps forward. Our magnet is custom made, shaped specifically to fit between the rounds on a 6-shot moon clip, providing increased surface contact area with the steel of moon-clip, for increased grip. The vertical stem is also shaped, countered to match the bullets held in the moon-clip. This serves to index them, forcing them into the same position all the time – improving your consistency as you grab them to reload.

The vertical stem can be tilted to the sides, allowing you to position the moon clip at the angle best suiting your needs. The solid material structure ensures these holders are extremely durable and very unlikely to break, even if you are forced to go prone. The DAA belt clip hanger, as used on our Racer pouches, provides two height positions, and a secure solid attachment to your 1.5” belt. The very slim steel plates on the back of the belt hanger are of extra value for the revolver shooter, as so many moon clip holders are use side by side. This slim designed ensures your inner and outer belt stay well stuck together.

*The moon clip holders are shipped with 3mm thick magnetix. 5mm magnets are available for extra strong retention. Useful in case of moon clips which are made of steel with weak magnetism characteristics.

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Friday 26 February, 2016
Ottimo prodotto istallazione faCile speriamo che duri