Combo: DAA Reloading Press Tool Holder, Hex Key and 1" Die Wrench

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DAA 1" Die, Box-End Wrench
1 x DAA 1" Die, Box-End Wrench
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DAA Reloading Hex Key Set
1 x DAA Reloading Hex Key Set
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DAA Reloading-Press Tool-Holder
1 x DAA Reloading-Press Tool-Holder
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22 Sep 2023
pratique pour avoir tous sous la main
se fixe sur une mark7 apex 10 mais le système de fixation est un peux faible
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Robert C ***
17 Dec 2021
Excellent combo, excellent price, magnet in the end of the try was an unexpected bonus.

Only flaw is the mounting method, if you tighten it up enough to not slide down the pole, the clamp spreads out too much. I used some tape to keep it together so I could tighten it enough.
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Clément ***
4 Nov 2021
The toolholder doesn't stay in place on my Dillon XL650 and thus is not really useful. The wrench is not ideal. Should be opened on one edge: for example: impossible to mount a powder dispenser in a convenient way. You need to unmount your powder dispenser, place the wrench, mount powder...
Rating: (1 of 5 Stars!)
Kim ***
19 Sep 2020
the tool holder does not fit the tube for the case feeder on my XL750, its loose, I had to wrap the tube with tape to use the holder. The wrenches don't hang straight in holder the holes in the holder are just a smidgen to large, a small beef but it bugs every time I look at it. The wrenches have...
Rating: (2 of 5 Stars!)
David ***
16 Jul 2020
This seems like it's made good and I can see how it's going to save me time from having to search for the hex keys. Took one star off because to mount it, it uses hex key screws. However the set of hex key wrenches you get don't fit the hex key screws to mount it.
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)
Sam ***
19 Feb 2020
I was originally skeptical as to how useful this would be for me. I keep a set of allen wrenches not 10 feet from my reloading press. I now find myself using these wrenches more than my original set. I wish I had gotten these sooner!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Save 18% on this excellent bundle!

DAA Reloading Press Tool Holder

The DAA Reloading-Press Tool-Holder is a practical and convenient way to hold those critical hex keys, spare parts and small tools you need to have easy access to you as you operate your reloading press.

Made of durable glass-fiber reinforced nylon, and rubber paint coated for an attractive finish and feel. The tool holder is designed to mount onto the vertical case-feeder support pole on either a round or square 1” profile pipe, as used on the Dillon 1050/750/650 reloading presses. An adaptor piece is included, to be used when mounting to a round pipe.

To mount, simply loosen the screws, fit over the pipe and tighten the screws.

The Tool-Holder includes contoured pockets designed to perfectly hold a full set (7 pcs) of the DAA or Dillon Dipped Ball-End Hex Keys (optional sold separately). An addition slot is perfectly shaped to hold the DAA Box-End Die Wrench or the Dillon Die wrench, and an additional 3 vertical holes are suitable for holding screw-drivers or other useful tools.

In the center of the tool-holder is a large cavity perfect for storing small spare parts such as die nuts, decapping pins, locator pins or tabs and so on. And in additional, an internal magnet is embedded in the side panel closest to the user, making it possible to hold other small metallic parts or tools, stuck to the outer surface of the tool holder!

A truly versatile and super-convenient additional to any reloaders Press.


DAA Reloading Hex Key Set

A 7-piece set of top-quality, Long, Ball-End Allen wrenches/keys. This set provides you all the Allen keys you need for working on your Dillon or other US made reloading presses.

These keys have a bright red vinyl-coated shoulder, making them easier to spot, and giving them a flare of quality and color. A perfect set to combine with the DAA Reloading-Press Tool Holder. Check out the combo options!

The DAA reloading Hex Key Set includes the following sizes: 5/64”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 9/64”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 1/4“


DAA 1" Die, Box-End Wrench

As any reloader knows, adjusting a die on a tightly spaced tool head can be difficult and aggravating. The die nuts and various machine parts do not allow easy access and using regular wrenches can be near impossible.

The DAA 1 Inch Box-End Wrench is the solution to this problem! The custom made, laser cut, stainless steel wrench is strong enough to last a lifetime and thin-walled enough to fit between any dies for easy access and adjustment. The multiple jows allow the handle to be positioned in the most suitable angle for tightening up those hard to reach nuts.

This tool is designed for use with 1” nuts and will not fit the 1-1/8” used on some dies. We recommend changing any larger die nuts to standard 1” nuts, which will allow you to use this one tool for all your dies, and give you more clearance and access on your tool head.

A pack of 5x 1” die nuts is available as a combo too.


Tool type: Box-End custom Wrench, 1 inch

Length: 120mm

Thickness: 6mm

Material: stainless steel

Precision Laser cut and engraved

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