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A-Zone Solid Color Gear Grips
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Manufacturer: A-Zone

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A-Zone Solid Color Gear Grips

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One of the top leading manufacturers of Gear Grip Tape has joined forces with CED to create a range of custom designs for the competitive shooting market.

They have a precise cut for a great fit, are non-permanent and inexpensive to replace. Ideally suited for competitive use, law enforcement duty, military, or just for fun! So easy to install, remove, and replace, that these creative grips allow the user to have a new look monthly or for every match attended during the shooting season.

A good grip on your firearm and proper trigger control are crucial to shooting targets accurately. These grips are designed to not only look good but to be heavily used at the range. All made in USA.

  • Cover more surface area than most grips
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Precision laser cut for a great fit
  • Non-permanent and inexpensive to replace
  • Well-suited for competition use, law enforcement duty use or military


Made in USA, Solid colors to fit STI, 1911, Glock, CZ SP-01, and Sig X5 model pistols.

A-Zone Solid Color Gear Grips

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